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5 Questions For Movers In Fort Myers, FL

When you are in the process of hiring movers in Fort Myers, FL, there are several considerations that are going to need to be made in order for you to enjoy a move that is truly seamless. Call 239-400-2825 if you would like to learn more about the questions you need to ask movers in Fort Myers, FL, be sure to read on and learn more.

By asking the right questions, you can steer clear of various difficulties and make sure that you and your movers are on the same page before changing locations in Fort Myers, FL. After all, you would never invite strangers into your home to tamper with your most precious belongings, would you?

1. Have You Received The Proper Licensing?

Any moving company that you choose should already have received licensing from the American Mover and Storage Association. This means that the company is already well within compliance when it comes to the federal laws that govern the moving process. When you receive news of this certification, it also offers you the chance to enjoy far more peace of mind than you would have experienced had you selected a company without the correct licensing.

2. How Long Have You Been Moving For?

Selecting someone who is inexperienced to handle any important task on your behalf just to save a little bit of time and money is never advisable. That's why you need to ask the movers you are considering about their experience level before coming to an agreement. While a lengthy history does not necessarily guarantee a hassle free move, it is typically an indicator that the company offers high quality service to all of their clientele.

3. Do You Have The Necessary Liability Coverage?

No matter how well prepared both parties may be, accidents can and do happen. Hiring movers in the Fort Myers, FL region who have access to the necessary liability coverage is crucial. You are going to need to ensure that the company you choose has the proper protocol in place. Basic liability protection is a start, but you should also ask the movers about their full value protection plans. Valuables need to be insured according to cost, as opposed to weight.

4. Do Employees Have Workers Compensation Coverage?

Most don't ever stop to think that this would be a concern of theirs before hiring movers, but did you know that a company that does not offer workers compensation to their employees could be placing you at serious risk? If you make the mistake of hiring movers before finding out whether they offer their employees workers compensation coverage, you could end up being forced to foot the bill for any injuries that take place while your move is underway.

5. Is Your Equipment Up To Date?

The best moving companies will always have access to the very best equipment. Don't ever make the mistake of setting for movers who have outdated equipment at their disposal. The right size moving truck is crucial, as is the right amount of dollies. Are subcontractors going to be used? If so, take a closer look at their level of credentials.


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