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Is your business struggling to stay afloat in the marketing industry? Many businesses believe they can get by without a marketing expert on staff but the problem with that thought line is this: Who will you redirect from their general duties to do your marketing?
Trying to solve marketing problems without a professional marketing expert begs the question, "Who is better suited for the job than someone with specialized marketing training? Ray Wyman is a freelance copywriter, content writer and public relations professional with a mastery of marketing communications; his experience and skill in the industry will benefit any business looking to become better established in the search engines in more professionally branded within their own community.
Ray brings a lot to the table; companies that hire him find that they have a real ally on their side when it comes to all facets of writing and communication. A few of the services that he offers are:
- Freelance Writer and Editor. This is where Ray Wyman's main talent lies and while he possesses extensive experience writing for a host of traditional industries, Ray remains adaptive to other less traditional forms as well.
- Freelance Content Writer. If you're looking for a content developer, you couldn't find one better suited to the job of creating text, video and graphics than Ray. His ghost blogging experience allows him to establish the structure of blogs for clients and generate content silos that will profoundly engage with your audience and create the kind of relationship that will result in a far reaching network your business will find beneficial.
- Freelance Technical Writer. Ray Wyman's technical writing experience includes work in fields that are considered to be some of the highest technical industries out there, including aerospace, computers, consumer electronics, energy and oil drilling equipment. To see samples of Ray's work, visit and check out the Portfolio page.
- Freelance Public Relations. For inbound and outbound PR activities, you'll find Ray to have a full range of skills, from planning to execution. Businesses across the board have taken advantage of the Investor Relations, press kit creation, press release placement and by-lined article placement skills that Ray has brought to their projects.
- Social Media Marketing. If your business is looking for an affordable campaign solution to your marketing shortcomings, hiring Ray Wyman could be the strategy you've been looking for. His knowledge and appreciation for professional SEO, SMM and SEM through Social Media and marketing will make a strong improvement in your Search Engine results and will work toward building your brand in a beneficial way.
- Project Management. Not all writers are able to work side by side with other writers, designers and programmers to achieve a company's long or short-term goals. This is one area where Ray excels.
- Multimedia Production. With many years of experience in audio and video production (both shooting and editing), Ray offers limited on-site production for Web-quality audio and video recording as well as blended PowerPoint presentations.
Moving Companies Bronx
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Moving Companies Bronx
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