Piano Moving Fairfield County

Whether you are moving residences or have purchased a piano, you need to have it properly transported to the new location. Your piano is a large and expensive musical instrument and needs to be protected from harm throughout the move. Piano moving in Fairfield County should be done by professionals with the equipment and expertise to get your piano safely to its destination.

Tips for Piano Moving in Fairfield County

A piano is a delicate instrument with many working parts. Besides the keys that you can readily see, the inside contains strings and hammers that can be easily damaged during transportation. The use of dollies are the ideal way to move a piano, whether across the room or across town. Depending on the size and weight, it will require at least two or three people for piano moving in Fairfield County.

The piano should remain upright throughout the entire move. If it tips or tilts it could cause damage to the internal workings of the instrument. Two dollies are necessary because you want the entire piano to be supported on wheels.

Make sure that you move any rugs and furniture out of the path of the piano. Sometimes even going over a small rug can cause the piano to become unbalanced. Once the piano is placed securely on dollies you should cover it with blankets. This will protect the wood from being damaged if it accidently hits into the doorway or wall.

Secure the blankets so they do not fall off but be careful not to harm the piano in the process. Carefully slide the piano out to the moving truck. Use a large ramp to place the piano into the truck, making sure that the angle is not too steep.

Hire a Professional Piano Mover

Although you may be tempted to move a piano on your own, it is generally best left to the professionals. Not only do professionals know how to move a piano but they also understand any special precautions that must be taken to ensure that the instrument functions properly once it is at its new destination.

Piano moving in Fairfield County can be a delicate procedure and one that should not be left to the untrained. It is generally best to hire a piano company with moving experience. They understand the intricacies of moving this type of instrument and are extremely careful in the process. They have the tools and equipment needed to make sure that the move happens smoothly.

To ensure that you get the best movers for the job, always try to reserve the company as far in advance of your move as possible. Make sure that they have the size and weight of the piano so they are properly prepared for the move. You can get the area ready by making a clear path from the piano to the door. Now your piano will arrive safe and sound at its new location and you can enjoy playing it again. Contact us for more information or to schedule a piano move.

Piano Moving Fairfield County
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