Keyboard Lessons Online

Keyboard Lessons Online

Learning the keyboard can be a hobby or a life choice. It pertains to individual wishes or wants. However, the keyboard's physical learning may not be possible due to one reason or the other. Therefore you might want to opt for online keyboard lessons. This article will guide you on how to take keyboard lessons online from the topmost and leading online platforms that are best suited to teaching second-to-none piano prowess.

How and where can I learn to play the keyboard?

One question many keyboard enthusiasts ask is, "how can I learn keyboard online?" Simple! Conduct thorough online research on which outfit offers the best and finest piano lessons for beginners or whatever level you're on. Several platforms out there are best suited to this. Just ensure you get one that matches your needs and has excellent reviews, preferably with friends' references. Also, make sure the fees are not exorbitant. Examine their chief skill sets, i.e., lesson plan; this should be your premier concern.


This is the principal beauty of an online training session as you can choose your own time. There is freedom in the ability to choose your pace and time. How fast and how much you learn is solely depends on you. There are ideal lesson times to follow on most sites; however, your learning level is based on your interest and focus level.

How to play piano for beginners 

Unlike most online games where you only learn which buttons to press to give you top points, piano training allows you to follow gradual step-by-step lessons that will develop your skills in chording, sight-reading, play by ear skills, and much more! There's no greater feeling than learning to play real music, which is why custom-made play-along will help you garner skills to play real music.

Processes on how to play the piano 

Step 1: At first, you'll be taught how to get your bearings on a keyboard. Firstly, you'll get introduced to rhythm concepts, scale and foundation technique, and hand independence. You'll learn your keyboard intimately.

Step 2: You'll then be taught sight-reading. You'll learn the grand staff and notation reading in a way that makes it simple and sensible. After this step, you'll learn how to play ultimate simple notation using both hands.

Step 3: Here, you'll get introduced to core skills in theory and chording technique where you'll learn perfect minor scales, complex rhythms, and dynamics on how to play to express better emotions.

Step 4: You'll get to expand your musical skills at this point. Here you learn how to play new keys, sharps, and naturals. Improve on sight-reading and start lessons on chord inversions. This level will develop your dexterity skills.

Step 5: Here, you'll be introduced to far symbols, F major key, chord shortcut, which will help expand your ability in chording and diversify your ability to become an impactful listener

Step 6: This is the level of minor sounds. You'll be introduced to two new types of minor scales and 3/4 time and half notes that are dotted.

Step 7: This level is where you'll get to know the circle of 5ths, which helps you to understand not only key signatures but also minor, major sound relations. And this is the deeper level of understanding of how music works in a practical way that explores mood creations in music.

Step 8: This step is the level of improvising, which is the mother of creation. You get multiples tools to use to create your unique music. Forget about the fear of failure or criticism that might accompany physical lessons. You're in your haven, playing your brand of music. You'll develop clear guidelines that will make you feel confident in your skillset.

Step 9: The pentatonic scales, 7th chords, improvisation skills set, blues riffs and rhythms, name it all, this level will give you needed skills to create your own in your way and at your pace!

It's not too late to become the master piano player you've always dreamed of becoming; take that first step today. A step, they say, begins a journey of a thousand miles. Start today, Contact YouSicPlay to learn music from the world's best musicians: