Movers In Boise

Movers In Boise

Long-distance moving can be stressful. However, hiring movers in Boise can make relocating a breeze. That’s why it’s crucial to enlist the services of a professional moving company. At Space Age Movers, we're top-rated Boise long-distance movers. We provide everything required for a comfortable, stress-free experience beginning with a complimentary, no-obligation long-distance moving quote.

When you hire us, our experienced and courteous movers will pack all your belongings and take every precaution possible to ensure your property is safe. And we never consider the job done until you’re settled in and totally satisfied.

First Time Guide to Hiring a Professional Moving Company

Whether you’re going to a new town, city, or state alone or with family, they are many things you have to organize. So, if you choose to hire one of the top long-distance moving companies, that's a smart decision. Here's what you should know when hiring movers.

  • Steer Clear of Companies that Use Different Names

Some movers try to stay under the radar of Better Business Bureau by conducting business under multiple names. So, before you hire a long-distance mover in Boise, ensure the firm has a local address and only does business using one name. Also, confirm whether the firm is insured and licensed. Go a step further and verify the federal and state license numbers of the movers. All this will help you avoid getting conned.

  • Find a Moving Company that Provides Free Estimates

Most of the leading movers will come to your home to be able to provide accurate quotes. Hiring a moving company that only offers online estimates is risky. This is because the amount given is quite general and could quickly change and cost way above what you expected once you’re given the bill.

Therefore, do business with a mover who’s willing to come to your premises to give you a quote. That way, you'll be able to communicate what you need, including your budget, and ask any questions. It will also enable you to get a close estimate of the cost of a long-distance moving company, allowing you to be prepared well ahead of time.

  • Don’t Put Down a Huge Deposit

Any reputable mover won’t ask you to pay a large deposit before they’re done with the job. Rather, you should pay the agreed amount after you’re satisfied with their services. Otherwise, if you pay prior to your relocation, you won’t have control over what they do, and they might even decide to deliver your items past the agreed date.

  • Look for Movers with Experience

You want to work with expert movers who have been in business for a couple of years. Such a company will make sure all your belongings are relocated safely, including fragile items. And in case any problems arise, they'll know how to deal with them effectively.

Trusted Boise Moving Services

Hiring expert movers is an essential investment, and you should look for professionals with competitive rates and exceptional service. If you're searching for premier movers in Boise that provide top-of-the-line services at affordable prices, you’ll be pleased to learn that we offer the best moving services highly individualized to the needs of every client. Contact us for a free moving quote:

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