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Getting a used piano that is still good can be difficult. This is more cumbersome when you don't have sufficient experience or acquaintance with a piano structure and ascertaining the quality of a used piano. What are the features you could watch out for when buying a used piano in Fairfield County? Let us examine some of them.

You have to consider the age of the piano

A piano has a reasonably long lifespan. In most conventional cases, this lifespan can stretch across 20 years up to even 100 years. However, it is essential that it is strictly the highest quality handmade pianos that can still give good performance after 65 years. More commonly, the life of most pianos hovers around 50-60 years. Therefore when buying a used piano (for which you could need piano refinishing in Fairfield county), you should be compulsorily conscious on the age and how well the maintenance of the piano has been across its usage. This would strongly determine the quality of performance the piano gives.

Keenly listen for rattles and out of tune keys

It is true a more significant percentage of the used pianos you will see may have been cleaned up and even tuned up. Some of these pianos could also be out of tune with it possibly sounding like two notes are playing concurrently. In other cases, you may notice an annoying rattle or even a significant buzzing. All these are pointers to the reality that all is not well with the piano with repairs possibly needed. These repairs come at a varying cost; some are cheap while some of these repairs are expensive. So the next question is which part of a used piano can you repair?

Which parts of the used piano would you be fixing?

Not all parts of a used piano are fixable. In the course of piano refinishing in Fairfield County, you will come to realize that while some parts of the used piano like the piano keys as well as cabinet blemishes wouldn't cost much to fix, others are outrightly expensive to fix. Cabinet blemishes, for example, can quickly be filled or buffed. You could also deploy black keys (or ivory) keys for the key replacement. In other cases to repair the piano back to its best health, it would tantamount to building the full piano. Loose pins in the used piano have the possibility of even deteriorating further, getting looser. Thus you could notice that a different note that is noticeably out of tune emanates, also you could even see that two distinguishable notes come out simultaneously out of a key. All the same, you can tighten the loose pins using a special glue - otherwise, you can replace the loose pins with new pins that are slightly bigger.

Lastly, the brand of the piano also matters

The quality of the piano in most cases is tied to the brand. A brand of high distinction would have more sustainable quality parts that wouldn't degrade too quickly. This explains why you should go for reputable brands. Some of those noteworthy ones we can point out here include Bösendorfer, Steinway & Sons, Knabe & Co, and even Yamaha used pianos. Such could reduce the ardent need you would have for piano refinishing in Fairfield County.

Whether you are need of having your piano serviced or even transported to a fresh setting in Fairfield County, here at Haller Piano, we are eager to overwhelm you with top class competitively priced service. We bring the melody along.

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