Piano Restoration Fairfield County

A new piano is pure beauty. However, an old piano, built in the golden age of pianos (1830-1930) contains something that new instruments do not have: the spirit of the time. Imagine you have a grand piano, which has once belonged to an English nobleman or an Italian viscount. Now imagine that you are playing that piano and hear the sharpest and deepest sound, with new piano quality.

Benefits of the Restoration of Pianos

Nothing better than the wood that was used in ancient pianos, and that is far superior to the wood of the instruments that are manufactured today. Most of the older pianos were made by hand so the quality is very high even though some of the pieces worn out and may need to be changed.

From the economic point of view, it is true that many of the pieces of the instrument must be replaced, but the cost will always be less than buying a new device. In the end, the result is significant, because the value of a commercial piano will never be compared with a work of art of incalculable value.

On the other hand, in many occasions, the sentimental value that will surely have for you is added, for having belonged for many years to your family environment, which justifies, even more, the restoration of your piano.

What is done in a restoration?

A thorough restoration includes a whole set of operations that depend on the state of the piano, but it always maintains the same objective: To get the best out of an instrument that has a unique soul and meaning.

The restoration process can take a considerable amount of time to complete, but what will be the final product? It will be pleasing to the eye and the game for many years to come. This work requires the hand of real experts.

The complete restoration of a piano includes the rehabilitation of the exterior furniture (polishing), the replacement of the strings and pins, the sanding and painting of the harp, the cleaning and polishing of the harmonic table, the adequacy of the keys and the mechanism (including axes, felts, skins and springs), the complete regulation of the mechanism. Partial restorations are also made, which do not entail the restoration of all parts of the piano.

Finally, comes the harmonic processes of the instrument. The correct tuning is performed, to return the piano to pitch. Then, the voicing, to return the piano to its tonal color. Finally the regulation to adjust the reaction of the keys to the touch.

Trust the experts

If you need a piano restoration in Fairfield County, Haller Piano is your best choice. We have more than 25 years of experience in the art of restoration. Our shop allows the reconstruction of any model and piano brand.

Maintaining its essence, and replacing the worn parts, your instrument will come back to life, so let us do your piano restoration in Fairfield County. Contact us; we will be glad to assist you.

Piano Restoration Fairfield County
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